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Managing a martial-arts school has its challenges

The Martial Arts Success Institute is a global online platform established with the goal of preserving and upholding the vision of owning and operating a successful professional martial arts academy.

If you are a martial arts school owner who wants to learn how to effectively and efficiently grow your program, while operating a professional business where you can make a positive impact in this world, change lives, and create financial freedom at the same time then we’re here to help to achieve that goal!!


Are you ready to take your school to the next level and join the ranks of the most exclusive and successful Martial Arts School Program owners in North America?


If you currently own or are ready to open a Martial Arts school, want to establish and run structured professional training curriculums, combine world class training with high level business procedures, earn more, and create a team who successfully operates your business, then Martial Arts Success Institute is the answer.


We believe that all school owners should have the opportunity to own an awesome business where you can make a positive impact in this world, enhance lives, and create financial freedom at the same time!!
Having successfully started and run a martial arts academy for over 18 years we’ve learned a few key things from the very best in the industry. We’ve created and developed easy to follow systems, video courses, complete curriculums, and also provide expert coaching so that school owners just like you can quickly profit from the programs in your school that create success! 
All The Tools You Need on Your Martial Arts Journey; Online Self Defense Courses, Instructor Courses, and Business Courses. Register for Courses Now. 
Empower your martial arts school for epic success. We’ll help you establish a customized approach towards growth every step of the way. Grow your martial arts school, increase student enrollment, and maximize retention.


All The Tools You Need To Build A Successful Business

Walls don't create or define a martial arts school.... The students within, coming together for a single purpose, infused with a positive community culture and guided by the owner / chief instructor’s vision, attitude, and strengthened by the philosophy of the practiced art ensure a unique positive personal experience that everyone wants in their life. Many schools are motivated by a well-intended purpose - but lack the structured systems supporting the requisite skills to express their brilliance so that they don’t just survive, but - thrive!  If you’re struggling, What should you do?

Tools and Strategies Exist....

When a martial arts school discovers its success blueprint and operates from it, not only will these schools succeed - financially, they will positively impact their students, who will then influence their communities, and thus contribute to making the world a better place. When the values and vision of your school move in an illustrative rhythm with your current and potential students, you are left no choice but to - prosper. 

Building a Better Martial Arts School....

We’ve taken the best from the worlds of: business, sales, neuro-science, psychology, anthropology, education, and linguistics to formulate a strategy that allows you to reach your current and potential students. You get a team of experts that work on your behalf and exists to help school owners succeed.


If you’ve experienced other industry programs that encourage you to learn “sleazy, salesy one-upmanship techniques" that don’t match the student service culture that you want to embody at your academy then you know you deserve better. Because your current and potential clients want to see, hear and feel they are being understood - deeply; they want to know that you and your school can truly connect with them individually and serve their tightly guarded and oftentimes unspoken wants, needs, desires. And you want to be that for them.

You’re in Business for Yourself but you don’t have to Be In It ALL By YOURSELF !!!

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