Jiu Jitsu Seminars

Building Solid Skills in Jiu Jitsu just got a whole lot easier and more convenient. 

the very best instructors and even if your instructor is one of the very best another professional perspective can sometimes bring his teachings into a whole new light for you as a dedicated student.  But it’s not always easy to train with them unless you live in their area or have the ability and means to travel and see them to learn the details and secrets they know.

The only way to get skilled at Jiu Jitsu is to train and learn from

Because the learning process never stops and we cannot deny the fact that community gatherings are a rich source of information, we are available for seminars to share our Jiu Jitsu with you. Seminars are an integral part of the growth in Jiu-Jitsu as a self defense activity and can be a good genesis to enhance your motivation and experience for jiu-jitsu training.

Whether you have experience with jiu-jitsu or are brand new, whether you are a ranked belt or a white belt beginner. Attending Jiu-Jitsu seminars is highly beneficial as highly experienced professionals gather under one roof. It's the opportunity to learn, collaborate, and build the Jiu-Jitsu community for awareness and promotion of Jiu-Jitsu Self defense. The difficult transitions and moves can be learned and understood when you come up with different mindsets and practices. 

Seminars are the source of motivation when you watch Jiu-Jitsu professionals sharing their achievement stories, the tips and tricks to follow some specific techniques, and what to do to come on the success path.

Practice makes a man perfect but attending seminars, reading books, listening to the stories of other people, watching videos, and immersing yourself completely in the gentle art are also highly beneficial for the Jiu-Jitsu  learning journey.


Women's Self Defense Seminars

 Looking for something fun, informative, and different to do with a group? A women’s Self Defense Seminar is perfect for you! Get a group together and come train or request us to come to you! Great for office team building, Sororities & school clubs, church small groups, neighborhood groups, bachelorette parties, sports teams, groups traveling out of the country, etc. When working with a group for a Seminar we can tailor the course to suit your needs. Since these give ladies the tools to take ownership of their personal safety to prevent victimization this training can add a whole new dimension to Girls Night Out !! Also, we can bring the training to you! If you have a group and the proper amount of space, we can come to your location and train on site. We want to make the class work for your group! 


Law Enforcement Seminars

Our specialized Defensive Tactics program for law enforcement, military and first responders is a multi-level Defensive Tactics Program to establish foundational skill with an entry level training concept recommended to increase the capabilities of Law Enforcement Officers at all levels of suspect apprehension and enhance the effectiveness of controlling suspects while reducing officer escalation to lethal during use of force encounters and supporting the concept of community oriented policing.

The average police officer in America receives less than four (4) hours of hands-on defensive tactics training per year, and it's not enough. According to a study published by Marietta Police Department located in our home state of Georgia the addition of 1 hour of training per week for law enforcement officers increases officer safety, lowers department liability, and reduces the likelihood of injuries to subjects, and officers. The evidence supporting these benefits is irrefutable.

In addition to increasing officer and civilian safety through the use of non-violent and de-escalatory control tactics, our Jiu-Jitsu based training has proven to be a significant contributor to enhanced officer wellness and resiliency at law enforcement agencies throughout the country.


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"Your leadership has been instrumental in helping us to set the tone for what we believe will be many years of massive positive impacts on the lives of our members. Self-defense is the beginning. Overall self-improvement is the journey. Thank you again, and I look forward to your next visit!!"

Tony White
Owner of Shoshin Jiu-Jitsu